Each family is unique but at times all parents feel challenged, overwhelmed and isolated.

As a trained Mindful Instructor and Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) provider, I offer mindful parenting plans, skills and tools that can be imperative towards managing challenging behaviors, increasing interpersonal communication skills and strengthening the entire family. Both a goal and intervention, mindfulness is paying attention here and now, with kindness and curiosity, so we can respond with intention. With practice, mindfulness can play a powerful role in supporting parents and families through increasing emotion regulation, empathy, communication and connection......while decreasing reactiveness, defended behavior, stress and frustration.  

Parents' strengths in a safe, supportive, collaborative environment can lead to growth, healing and self-empowerment. With tools and interventions, change is possible!

You are not alone.

My goal as a therapist is to provide a mindful, safe, empathetic, healing environment to work collaboratively with clients towards their goals. Whether navigating through family trauma or crisis (i.e. divorce, loss of a loved one or beloved pet, abuse, addiction, mental illness), or in an effort to support parenting and family matters, I can assist with tools to improve family life.

To find out more about therapeutic support for your family or yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me.